Headshot.pngMoe was born in North Carolina to traveling parents of Palestinian descent. As a school teacher, his mother encouraged him to be inquisitive and curious, keeping him well informed on current events, sciences, conspiracy theories, and ancient myths he was tasked to find answers to. Consequently, he aspired to be a scientist, astronomer, and an archaeologist, but when his parents asked him to reconsider his prospects, he begrudgingly obeyed, but his dreams lingered in the back of his mind, simmering into ideas and stories. That was when he began his writing career, imagining himself a character in his mother’s tales, uncovering the secrets of the universe as the war simmered back home. In Arabic, he read the classics of Jules Verne, Victor Hugo, Astrid Lindgren, Daniel Defoe, and others. Soon, upon discovering a bookstore in Ramallah that sold novels in English, Moe discovered the Harry Potter series, The Hobbit, and The Chronicles of Narnia. Shortly afterward, he even tried to write a Harry Potter knock off with archaeologists as protagonists instead of wizards.

After ten years in Palestine, Moe returned to the United States to start college, earning his B.S. and M.S. in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience from the University of Texas at Dallas and was on a Pre-med track before realizing that medicine was not his calling. He taught science for three years while interning at three literary agencies where he picked up the skills to become an efficient literary agent. Meanwhile, he was exposed to a plethora of authors and the talents they brought to the table and learned how subjective and diverse the publishing world was. As an author, Moe likes to write novels with diverse characters that teach others about his own culture but sprinkled with some magic. Stories about the near future where things either go wrong or terribly wrong. He was mentored by the author Neil Connelly as part of a competitive mentorship program and loves to attend writers conferences where he met most of his author friends. His short story, Palestina, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2015.

Some of his favorite novels include: Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden, Girl At War by Sara Novic, Life of Pi by Yann Martel, The Man in the High Castle by PKD, The Handmaid’s Tale and Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood, In The Shadow of the Banyan by Vaddey Ratner, The Age of Reinvention by Karen Tuil, The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin, Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue, American War by Omar El Akkad, and Circe by Madeline Miller.

Moe currently lives in Washington DC where he works full time as a foreign language analyst and writes in his leisure time almost religiously, churning out first drafts and new outlines every few months. You can find him on Twitter @Agent_Moe.