In 2009, Monica Hall decided to go back to college in order to further her nursing education. Instead of graduating with her registered nursing degree, she received an impromptu education on the ins and outs of drafting and passing legislation. After the nursing program she was attending was closed, Monica was instrumental in discovering many unscrupulous practices within the college she was attending as well as other for-profit colleges throughout Kentucky. Once finding out that she wasn’t the only one to have a horrible experience at a for-profit college in her state, Monica rolled up her sleeves and worked tirelessly alongside lawmakers in Kentucky to find a better way to regulate the for-profit college industry in the Commonwealth.

Despite knowing  she had $10 to her name while sitting in meetings with multi-millionaires, Monica always felt she was supposed to be there. As she made a place for herself at the table, she began to feel as though she was the voice for all people in the world like her—those without the privilege of power, or platform, or money—who deserved to be heard.

Monica Hall is a travel licensed practical nurse who is currently on assignment in the western part of the U.S. with her rockstar husband and their adorable fur baby, Bella. When she’s not writing you can find her watching all things Golden State Warriors, binge watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent, jamming out to old school hip hop, or researching the next state to go sightseeing in.

Twitter: Monica M Hall